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German Symposium 2011 Pictures


Additionally to the video recordings uploaded earlier you can now also find a selection of pictures in the respective section on our website. Below you will also find the shortlinks for your convenience. There will be more pictures uploaded subsequently. We also call on anyone who has taken pictures of any of our events to submit them! . . .
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Political Debate: Video Recording

Political Debate Video Screenshot

We proudly present the second video recording of the German Symposium, “Quo vadis, Germany?”: the political debate with a keynote speech by Federal Minister Dr. Peter Ramsauer followed by a discussion between former Finance Minister Hans Eichel (SPD), former Minister President and former Mayor of Hamburg Baron Ole von Beust (CDU) and Dr. Henning Meyer (LSE Global Governance), moderated by Frank Jahn (ARD). . . .
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German Press writing about our Integration Debate

Press releases

For the convenience of our English-speaking visitors the LSEsu German Society has translated some of the prominently featured newspaper articles about our integration debate on 14 February 2011. The German Society is not responsible for the content of the articles. We are happy to correct any translation mistakes that you might find: . . .
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Quo vadis, Germany?

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Organisation, course of action and content of our integration debate on Monday, 14 February 2011, with the theme “Europe’s future – „Decline of the West?“ -” have experienced a wide resonance in national German media and beyond. SPIEGEL journalist Jan Fleischhauer moderated a discussion about integration between Dr Thilo Sarrazin, author of the controversial, best-selling book “Germany does itself away”, the chairman of the German Islamic Council, Ali Kizilkaya and publicists Hellmuth Karasek and Henryk M. Broder. We would like to make the following statements . . .
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Quo vadis, Deutschland?

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Organisation, Verlauf und Inhalt unserer Integrationsdebatte von Montag, den 14. Februar 2011, mit dem Thema „Europas Zukunft – ‚Untergang des Abendlandes -?“, haben eine breite Resonanz in der Öffentlichkeit erfahren. Unter der Moderation des SPIEGEL-Journalisten Jan Fleischhauer diskutierten Dr. Thilo Sarrazin, Verfasser des umstrittenen, in den vergangenen Monaten in Millionenauflage veräußerten Buches „Deutschland schafft sich ab“, der Vorsitzende des deutschen Islamrates Ali Kizilkaya und die Publizisten Hellmuth Karasek und Henryk M. Broder. Wir teilen hierzu folgendes mit . . .
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Programme of 16.02.2011 – Real Estate Panel


Our symposium will continue on Wednesday with a debate on Germany’s real estate market featuring distinguished representatives from both the supply and the demand sides of the market! . . .
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Programme of 15.02.2011 – Strotbek (Audi), Prof. Franz – Dr. Bueb – Dr. Veith (BCG)


German Symposium 2011 – Tuesday Events

Presentation: Axel Strotbek, CFO Audi – 12:00 pm, CLM. D202
“The Car Industry in Upheaval – How Audi is Rising to the Challenges”

12 pm

Axel Strotbek (lecturer)
Mr Strotbek has been Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Audi since 2007. Previously he worked as Executive Vice President Finance at Volkswagen Group China where he helped . . .
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Jan Fleischhauer to moderate Integration Panel

Jan Fleischhauer

The LSEsu German Society announces that Jan Fleischhauer will moderate Monday’s (14 February 2011) Integration debate (6.00 pm) with Henryk M. Broder, Prof. Dr. Hellmuth Karasek, Ali Kizilkaya and Dr. Thilo Sarrazin. Please find a small introduction below. . . .
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Press Release 10 Feb 2011 – Pressemitteilung, 10.02.2011


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, below you find a German as well as an English press release. Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren. Im Folgenden finden Sie sowohl eine deutsche wie auch eine englische Pressemitteilung. . . .
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Who’s who at the German Symposium 2011

Who's who?

Here you find a quick introduction of all speakers, disputants and moderators of the German Symposium 2011: The speakers are listed in chronological order of the events. The German Symposium is taking place from Feb 14 to Feb 18, 2011 on campus of the London School of Economics and Political Science. All events are public. The LSEsu German Society courteously invites LSE staff, students and the general public to attend any event. Please see our programme to see which events require tickets. Tickets can be requested via A maximum of 3 tickets per person is applicable. . . .
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