Committee 2017/18

Below you can find this year’s committee that was elected at the Annual General Meeting in October 2017. For any general, as well as press- and media-related enquiries, please send a mail to Click here to view last year’s committee.

Hanna Horst



Edgar Eggert

Head of Sponsors


Wera von der Osten

Head of SOTS


Lara-Marie Rausch

Head of PR


Constantin Lang

PR Officer


Merlin Krzemien

PR Officer


Noah Schneiders

SOTS Officer


Philipp Heuermann



Maximilian Puchta

Treasurer & Vice-President


Matthias Witt

Head of Websites 


Sarah Pagel

Head of Events


Frederik Braun

Events Officer


Sascha Ebrahimi Hagro

Events Officer


Camilla von Loeper

SOTS Officer


Yannik Leusch

SOTS Officer


Tina Yunsheng Ziemer

Marketing Officer


Antonia Böckers

General Secretary & Vice-President


Magnus Korsaeth

Head of Logistics


Marie von Waldenfels

Head of Marketing


Christoph Henking

Logistics Officer


Lara Briechle

Logistics Officer


Lorenz Reinemer

Logistics Officer


Cecil McHillegaart

Marketing Officer