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There is a place for everyone on the LSE German Society committee, whether you are a Bachelor, Master or Phd Student. 

Not only will you meet great people, but also engage with stimulating material throughout the year. Amongst others, you will help organise the German Symposium, the Oktoberfest and other events and endeavours.



Committee Executives
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The Executive Committee is elected, prior to the start of the academic year. Positions are typically taken up by students that have had experience with running the LSE German Society. The Executive Committee works throughout the summer to structure the society for the incoming academic year and to ensure that matters run smoothly, come September. 



Vice PREsident



The Management Committee

The Management Committee supports the Executive Committee in running the Society. The Heads of Logistics, External Affairs, Scholarship and Events chair their own sub-committees with 5 officers. For more information about their roles see the division section below. 

The Head of Logistics chairs the Logistics Division of the Society overseeing the venue set-up, speaker transport and accommodation. Apply below for this position. Learn more about the division below.

The Head of External Affairs chairs the External Affairs Division which manages the Society’s outreach and press relations. Learn more about the division below.

The Head of Scholarship manages the Scholars of the Symposium programme. Learn more about the division and the programme below.

The Head of Events chairs the Events Division of the Society which is responsible for delivering the social and cultural events. Apply below for this position. Learn more about the division below.

The Head of International Outreach is responsible for the Society’s outreach beyond Germany and the UK. The position has been filled. 


Each division has its own point of focus. However we always work closely together and support one another. Each Division has one Head and several OfficersAll divisions meet jointly once a week to discuss recent developments in the Society. 

Are you an organised individual who wants to take up responsibility and take the operational part of the Symposium into your own hands? From venue set-up, events stewarding to speaker transportation, the logistics division is a crucial part in the society providing essential support for all of our events. You will be working closely with the Executive Committee and our speakers’ offices to orchestrate our operations and guarantee a successful Symposium.

Apply below to become part of the Logistics Division.

The External Affairs Division manages the Society’s relations and marketing strategy for internal and external events.

Do you want to represent the society and engage with our crucial stakeholders such as German and British press, political institutions or the LSE? Are you excited to create content for our social media pages and use your creativity to let our public image shine? Then this is the right role for you!

Apply below to become part of the External Affairs Division. 

Scholars of the Symposium (SOTS) programme is a unique feature of the Society. Every year, we welcome over 60 students from German-speaking countries to the LSE German Symposium. As a member of the SOTS division you will play a crucial role to expand the Symposium’s influence beyond London and give non-LSE students the opportunity to engage in current debates and make the Symposium more international. The SOTS Division is responsible for managing the programme from applications and scholarship selection to the Scholars’ activities during their stay at LSE.

Apply below to become part of the SOTS Division. 

Do you want to shape the social events of one of the biggest societies at LSE? Help the Executive Committee organise the legendary Oktoberfest, our monthly Stammtisch, networking events with other German societies in London, Oxford and Cambridge and set-up informal coffee chats with our Symposium speakers?

Then the Events Division is your chance to showcase your creativity and engage our members beyond career and academic events!

Apply below to become part of the Events Division. 

Do you want to interact with the largest consultancies, banks, and law firms? Or are you interested in the largest German corporations or the most promising start-ups? Are you reliable and a strong communicator? Then this is your chance to apply and become part of our sponsorship team, where you will work together closely with our Treasurer to shape the Society’s sponsorship strategy, attract new partners, and carry out workshops and other events with firms at the top of their industries!

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Vice President

Vice President